CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE as a publication aims to be a celebration of human interactions and a study of what connects us as a group versus what separates us as individuals. The series has two issues out so far, focusing on the DIY scene that exists within the youth of San Diego, and another on female and non-binary representation in UK music. Francesca is currently seeking submissions for future issues to be pursued in partnership with fellow San Diego artist Gaib Ramirez

Upcoming themes to apply for are as follows:

  • Disposable - We give you a disposable camera, you document your relationship with a friend or partner in close quarters until the film reaches its end. You may or may not write about the experience in whichever form you desire.

  • Recently Deleted - A study on the effects relationships, current or past, have on our lives. Submit poems on the topic, quotes from text messages, images of those in the relationship, art on the topic as a response to its effects on you or others.

  • Disassociation - Submit writing or art on the topic, and/or participate in a photoshoot and interview. See example of image here (first image on left).

  • Experiences - Participate in an interview (the length of which is up to your discretion) to produce a feature or essay unique to you.

  • Bi-Erasure - Submit writing or art on the topic and/or participate in a photoshoot and interview.

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